Wednesday, March 06, 2013

cabin time!

A couple weeks ago our friends the Wyatt's invited us to a cabin in Silver Thorn. It was BEAUTIFUL up there. We have missed the mountains so much! It was an easy 1 1/2 hr drive there........ the drive home was in a huge BLIZZARD and took about 4 hrs! So worth it tho!
Here are all the cute kiddos!
 Tammy makes THE BEST sugar cookies ever ( i think i had 12) and the kids each got to frost one!
 We took the kids sledding on Saturday. It was SO MUCH FUN!!
 These 2 were CHAMPS!
They went down together, alone, forwards, backwards and smiled the whole time!
They also walked back up all by themselves! AWESOMENESS!!

 She may or may not have loved it, but she also missed a much needed nap!

 Justin going down with Payton and Oaklee and you can see Kennedy walking up all by herself!
She is getting so big :)
I always seem to forget to take a picture of my cute friends.... one day ladies!
We had such a great time and are so lucky to have such awesome friends!!

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