Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Time to play catch up!

I  have been a HUGE slacker the last 6 or 7 months!
We have so many fun things to blog about.... so here we go!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

cabin time!

A couple weeks ago our friends the Wyatt's invited us to a cabin in Silver Thorn. It was BEAUTIFUL up there. We have missed the mountains so much! It was an easy 1 1/2 hr drive there........ the drive home was in a huge BLIZZARD and took about 4 hrs! So worth it tho!
Here are all the cute kiddos!
 Tammy makes THE BEST sugar cookies ever ( i think i had 12) and the kids each got to frost one!
 We took the kids sledding on Saturday. It was SO MUCH FUN!!
 These 2 were CHAMPS!
They went down together, alone, forwards, backwards and smiled the whole time!
They also walked back up all by themselves! AWESOMENESS!!

 She may or may not have loved it, but she also missed a much needed nap!

 Justin going down with Payton and Oaklee and you can see Kennedy walking up all by herself!
She is getting so big :)
I always seem to forget to take a picture of my cute friends.... one day ladies!
We had such a great time and are so lucky to have such awesome friends!!

who dat!

This was what she and I came up with for Crazy Hair Day this year!
Oh the fun we will have with this over the next few years :)

Our day of LOVE

Valentines Day!
 Payton's Valentine "look"
Some how i forgot to take a picture of her box... oops!
Kennedy made a Valentines box during joy school and exchanged treats with all her little friends.
 It was so fun!
We had a fun day filled with LOTS of sugar & love notes. We had a heart shaped pizza, pink fizzy drink, and heart cupcakes made with love by Kennedy and Oaklee!
Some how i lost 1/2 my pictures in the transfer so I'm sorry Grandmas! WE LOVED your packages and the girls were thrilled to see they got stuff in the mail.
But it's still a fun day :)

The little things...

I want to do a little post on this girl right here.
I was definitely blessed to have her as my oldest. She has the most tender and loving personality. Over the past couple weeks I have been having some of my migraines. The kind that put me out of commission for hours, even days. As soon as Payton gets home she will take her sisters and play. Get them snacks and drinks, and to top it off make me get well books!!
She doesn't complain and loves to help out. She is my saving grace!!
 I absolutely adore this little lady and I feel so lucky to be her mom.

Monday, February 25, 2013

100 days SMARTER!

Payton's 100th Day of school Project!

I love doing projects with this girl!
She and I are so much alike, and that can get complicated... but it's always FUN!
I think she did a great job and it turned out perfect!

Mama turns 29...

the BIG 29......
 This is what we are normally like  :)
 I LOVE these girls with every part of who I am!
 I Love this man! He made my day so very special!
Well here we are at the end of my 20's.
 My life is pretty much like I thought it would be... pretty much!
I am loving every minute of getting older.

Anderson's visit!

How do I begin to express how AMAZING it was to have these people visit! We had been missing family SO MUCH with not going home for the holidays. So the week before my birthday they all came for 4 GLORIOUS days!
We didn't tell the girls they were coming (for a lot of reasons) so they were woken up with the best surprise ever.
 Doing girly things!
 Putting on fashion shows.
 Enjoying cousins new Christmas toys.
 Gramps and Grandma with the grand kids.

Seriously it was THE BEST birthday present ever!!
We love our family so much, and having non stop fun with cousins & making memories is awesome to watch as a Mom.

New Years EVE

On New Years Eve we had a few friends over for a little Par-tay!!
 All the kids played, and ate, and made it past midnight!
And the adults got in on the games too!
We have some of the best friends around!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012
This was our first year away from Utah. It was definitely a different day just lounging and hanging out as a family. We LOVED it and missed the hustle and bustle of Utah too.  
 Christmas Morning after the fun of opening presents had passed.
 Some of my favorite pictures of the girls as they opened their gifts.
I love when I can capture their true emotion!

 My handsome man in his new shirt. I never take enough pictures of him!
 Mama's new purse!

 The HUGE SURPRISE of the day. We got the girls a bounce house this year. We have been talking about it for a few years and this was the year!
They were SO surprised it was perfect. Payton even said "someone pinch me!" We waited until after breakfast and presents and then told them to come downstairs.

We love these girls with  every ounce of our beings!
They are such great girls and we are absolutely lucky to be their parents!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas Eve has always been full of traditions for our little family since we got married. We have added things along the way as we have had our girls and this year we added another. We try and always take a family picture. This year was a success i think:)
We take this girls to Build a Bear to pick out their own animal and make a new best friend to sleep with. They love this one! It's fun for us to see what they pick each year.
 Kennedy's bear has a hood on her shirt. Pretty funny because Kennedy HATES wearing her hood!
Payton changed her bears shirt probably 5 times (the blue was not the final choice!)
And this fits her to a T!! She changes outfits at least twice a day. 
Oaklee LOVES monkeys, no secret. And once she saw the unders Monkey HAD to have some too! 
 In the past we have always gone to Temple Square and looked at the lights. Well, no luck this year obviously. But we wanted the girls to still see the Temple. So we drove to the Denver temple. It looked so beautiful! 
We then went to the Olive Garden for dinner, another tradition. The wait was around 40 minutes and i always love listening to the comments people have about our girls, and are they all mine, and how beautiful they are. It's pretty cool :)
The girls always open new pajamas on Christmas Eve. They seem to like this one too!
 This year we added a new tradition. The girls all bought another sister a gift. We took them all shopping and split up so the other wouldn't see. They LOVED this! And I loved seeing how much thought they put in to it!
Kennedy bought for Oaklee.
 Payton bought for Kennedy.
 Oaklee bought for Payton.
 Then we set out our Milk and Cookies... and an apple of course.
And the girls are off to bed!
 Justin and I then spend hours wrapping all the gifts and watching Home Alone.
I forget every year how much this KILLS your back, but I love it all the same.

Christmas Eve was always a special day for us to just be together as a family. Most years we have spent Christmas day running from house to house. So Christmas Eve was a day for the little family we created. This Christmas season was a very different one for me. Being away and not going to all the parties and family gatherings was VERY HARD!!
I love and miss our families VERY much. I hope we can teach our girls the reason for the season and to always love each other as much as they do now.